Thursday, 16 October 2014

Zoella Beauty | Blogtober Day 16

One of my all time favourite youtubers, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, has brought out a beauty range called Zoella Beauty - well done Zoe! Walking into Superdrug the other day and noticing Zoe's products on the shelf there was so bizarre after watching her on youtube for so many years and then seeing her face in a store was just mesmerizing. Zoe has done so well for herself and Zoella Beauty looks amazing!

This was Zoe's shelf in the Superdrug I went into (Liverpool One). The collection holds two make up bags, a fizz bar, blissful mistful fragranced body mist, let's glow candle, soak opera bath soak/shower cream and creamy madly dreamy body lotion. All of the products are reasonably priced - everything is £5 apart from the make up bags and the blissful mistful fragranced body mist which are priced at £8. 

The make up bags as you can see in the photo above are adorable - the green/blue one with Zoe's eyes and the pink one with a guinea pig. The fizz bar (200g) is shaped like a bar of chocolate and is actually in separate chunks (8 in total) so you don't have to use it all at once (the Superdrug website recommends 1-2 chunks per bath so you can get between 4 and 8 baths from this!). Blissful mistful fragranced body mist comes in a 45ml glass bottle and the scent actually reminded me a little bit of MAC's Turquatic perfume. The website states that the scent includes a mix of fruity and floral notes. Let's glow candle comes in a silver tin with a lid and contains white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes within it's scent. Soak opera bath soak/shower cream comes in a 490ml bottle and contains soothing floral notes. This product also contains vitamin E, aloe and shea butter extracts. And lastly, creamy madly dreamy body lotion. This product comes in a 160ml bottle/tube and also contains vitamin E, aloe and shea butter extracts - I'm guessing in the same scent as soak opera although sadly they were both sealed in the shop so I couldn't get a whiff :(

I would be so proud of myself if I was Zoe and had achieved all that she had from making videos in her bedroom. The collection looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to pick up a few things on my next Superdrug trip - I love the look of the make up bags and the fragrance smells incredible. 

Congratulations Zoe!
Love Em x

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