Saturday, 22 November 2014

A few of my favourite things tag

I saw a tag video on youtube that I fancied giving a go… so here is the few of my favourite things tag! You have to name three things under each category… so here goes…
1. Products – is this make up products or products in general? Ahh… make up – foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid), eyebrows (Soap & Glory Archery) and mascara (L’Oreal False Lash Flutter Midnight Black).
2. Foods – roast dinner, pizza and chicken
3. Places – Florida, Spain and home
4. Things you’d miss – my family, my dog and my friends
5. Things you do when you’re bored – watch youtube, read blogs and listen to The Vamps (oh yeahh)
6. Things you enjoy when it’s sunny – ice pops, cold lemonade and walking my dog
7. Films – any disney movie, friends with benefits and horrible bosses
8. Songs – at the moment I am far to obsessed with The Vamps so… another world, girls on tv and she was the one (Bradley Simpson though…)
9. Brands – make up brands?... MAC, Urban Decay and Rimmel
10. Outdoor things that you like – walking my dog, sunbathing and snow
11. Events – Christmas, my birthday and bank holidays
12. Cartoons – I’m not a fan of cartoons so just any Disney movie will do
13. Buildings – my house, Cinderella’s castle in Florida anddd… erm, Wonderworks in Florida is pretty cool too!
14. Anything in everyday life – my family, my dog and my phone
15. Traits in any person, not just partners – trust, honesty and a good sense of humour
16. Influences –my mum, my favourite singers and zoella  
17. Drinks – Fanta lemon, orange juice and lilt
18. Experiences – university, Florida and my 21st birthday
19. Things to watch – Disney, youtube and movies
20. Youtubers – zoella, lilmisschickas and ellie steadman

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favourite things
Love Em x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Feeling Festive...

Is anybody else feeling really festive this year? Because I definitely am...

First up, I will apologise for not finishing Blogtober. I lasted until day 24 (which was better than I ever thought I'd do!) but I unfortunately did fail miserably a week before it ended. But I am back now!!

I don't know what it is this year, but I am feeling festive like no other this year. I always get into the Christmas spirit very early, but this year I literally cannot wait. I love everything to do with the autumn/winter seasons especially Christmas. Another reason why I think I love Christmas is because I am away from home at university so I know as soon as I finish this term, I am home for three weeks with my family and friends having lots of fun and happy times! I am excited to start my Yankee Candle advent calendar this year too, because I have only ever had the chocolate advent calendars (Cadbury’s wins every time), so that is something else new to look forward to! I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping, to the Christmas markets, ice skating, hot chocolates and candle lit lush baths all the time. My heaven! I love spending time with the family over Christmas when everyone is together. Putting the Christmas decorations up, winter walks with my dog and big scarves. I currently have my Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie burning also!

I hope you are all looking forward to the Christmas season and maybe even getting excited already like me too! I’m going to go and watch The Holiday now – one of my favourites for this time of year!

Lots of love, Em x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Bare Minerals Haul | Blogtober Day 24

 Left to right: queen tiffany and sex kitten.

So it had been a while since I treated myself to some high end make up so I thought it was about time! I decided to buy some things that I had never tried before and get some fresh items into my collection. I went with my Auntie who absolutely swears by the bare minerals loose powder foundation. I have always been one to swear by MAC studio fix fluid, as I have never been too comfortable with my skin and always wanted a high coverage. I have started to become more comfortable with my own skin so thought why not give it a try? I went to the bare minerals counter in Boots and the lovely lady behind the counter sat me down and helped me decide on which foundation was for me so I came away with the bare minerals ready foundation in r310. To go along with this I bought the brush that the lady used to apply it which is the precision face brush. The staying power of this was amazing yesterday and today. As it is a powder foundation I didn’t expect the foundation to stay as well as the MAC one does, however it stays on my skin and is a lot lighter on the skin as well.

I also got my eye make up done there as well and I decided to buy the two eye shadows that she used because they were literally so pretty. She used the loose eye shadow in the shade queen tiffany all over my lid and used sex kitten in the crease. It is so pretty. I also bought the brush she used to apply these to my eyes which was the double ended precision eye brush.
To say I have never really had anything from bare minerals before, I am pleasantly surprised as I would never really head over to this counter. I have a feeling that I will be heading to that counter a lot more from now on.

Love Em x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Top 10 Things To Do At Hollywood Studios | Blogtober Day 23

Due to my love for Disney I decided to do a few posts on my blog stating my top ten favourite things to do in each of the Disney parks, water parks and other Disney areas. I already did Magic Kingdom so next up is Hollywood Studios!

1.      Fantasmic
Fantasmic is one of Disney’s night time shows and it is amazing. It is around half an hour long and it has a huge firework display and also water extravaganza. Mickey is the main character in there dressed in his sorcerer’s outfit. It is definitely worth a watch if you are able to go to Hollywood Studios.

2.      The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
This ride is great. It is built to look like an old hotel and it is also haunted. It is designed so that you feel as though you are getting into an elevator and it shoots you up and down really fast. It will shoot you up to the twilight zone in the haunted elevator! Definitely worth a ride if you like more thrill rides.

3.      Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith
This ride is designed to be as though you are going to an Aerosmith concert that they invited you to in a stretch limousine, but you’re running late. You shoot into the darkness on the freeways of LA whilst Aerosmith music is blasting out. Fabulous.

4.      Toy Story Midway Mania
Similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom, Toy Story Midway Mania is a ride where you have targets that you have to shoot to earn points. This ride is in 4D as well so you need to wear 4D glasses. It is a lot of fun, it is always very busy but you definitely have to ride this ride.

5.      The Great Movie Ride
This ride is quite a long one, around 18 minutes, but definitely worth riding. It is a tour through lots of movies throughout the years including movies such as Singin’ in the Rain and Mary Poppins. Lovely, interesting and fun ride to go on.

6.      Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage
Due to Beauty and the Beast being one of my all time favourite Disney movies, this is a must for me. It is the story of Beauty and the Beast but Broadway musical style and is amazing to watch. I hear that they are taking this ride away and replacing it with Tangled – I hope they don’t! I much prefer Beauty and the Beast to Tangled!

7.      Pizza Planet
Who doesn’t love pizza and who doesn’t love Disney? Put them together and you get Pizza Planet – a pizza place set out like the one in the Toy Story films. It even has the green aliens hanging from the roof!

8.      Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre
This restaurant is designed to look like a drive-in cinema. The tables are actually cars and there is a massive screen at the front playing cartoons and stuff for everyone to watch. I wouldn’t say that this is absolutely going to be the best food you will find on Disney, because it’s not at all, however the atmosphere and the theming of the restaurant makes it definitely worth going.

9.      Muppet Vision 3D
Muppet Vision is a 3D film and live-action attraction. It doesn’t matter where you sit within the theatre – you will always get the same view – but it is definitely worth watching this 3D show.

10.  Scenery
Random one as it is not an attraction or restaurant, but the scenery of Hollywood Studios is beautiful and there are many places to take great photographic memories here. I would recommend Sunset Boulevard with Tower of Terror in the background, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster guitar, the fountain outside of Muppet Vision 3D and also the icon of the park – the sorcerers hat.

They are my top ten things to do at Hollywood Studios. Every time I write one of the Disney posts it just makes me stupidly excited to get there in June!
Love Em x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Casetify | Blogtober Day 22

A few months ago I got the iPhone 5C in pink and wanted a case for it to keep it in good condition. I got just the bog standard clear case so you could still see the colour of the phone, but it cracked and bits broke off so I went onto a website I heard about off lilmisschickas’ channel on youtube called ‘casetify’ or formerly known as castagram. You basically design your own phone case with different designs available for the amount of pictures that you want on there and you upload your pictures onto it to make your very own personalized phone case. It is an American website so it is priced in dollars, but amazingly they have free worldwide shipping so that was a bonus. I was also able to find a coupon code online to get some money off so I think it worked out at about £18 in total. I have some pictures of my dog, with friends and family and of course there had to be a bit of Disney on there too! I have not taken it off since I got it and I don’t plan on doing anytime soon! I love it!

Love Em x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beauty Advent Calendars | Blogtober Day 21

Last year I did a post about the beauty advent calendars that were available so this year I thought I would do the same thing. It’s never too early to start talking about Christmas, so let’s dive right in. I will try and leave a list of everything included in the advent calendars at the end of the post with a spoiler alert sign before I do for people who do not wish to see what is inside just like last year.

First up, Benefit Cosmetics Candy Coated Countdown - £60
Last year, Benefit’s beauty calendar was raved about all over the internet. This year, they have returned. I prefer the look of this calendar in comparison to last years as it is a love more festive to the eye with the red and green packaging. Inside are miniatures of the brand’s favourite and bestselling products along with a couple of accessories. I think this calendar looks fab, but this year they have raised the price by £10 following last year’s sell out calendar. (Available now at Debenhams website and in store and

Secondly, Selfridges Enchanted Spells - £85
My favourite of them all – Enchanted Spells by Selfridges. This calendar is stunning. It is a little pricier than the Benefit one but I feel that it is so much better (sorry Benefit!). Inside, the calendar is hiding lots of miniatures including skincare, fragrance and makeup. Many favourite brands are hiding behind the doors and trust me when I say it is definitely worth the money! (Available now at Selfridges).

Third, Ciate Mini Mani Manor - £49
This calendar is for the nail obsessed people out there with a nail polish behind each door for the lead up to Christmas. There are lots of beautiful colours hiding in the calendar so get your hands on one of these mini manors before they sell out! (Available now at, ASOS, Selfridges and John Lewis.

Next, Jo Malone - £250
The most expensive calendar by quite a lot, but beautifully stunning products within. Behind the doors are a selection of body creams and colognes. The most upmarket calendar out there. (Available now at Harrods and nationwide 10th November).

The Body Shop 24 Days of Joy - £50
The Body Shop also did an advent calendar last year and went down really well. This year they have come back with a similar calendar containing miniatures of their bath and body products – and I think a few beauty products squeezed in this year as well! Another good thing about this calendar is that The Body Shop have teamed up with War Child which is a global charity for children who have been affected by war and will grant children the wish of an education from people buying this calendar. (Available now at selected Body Shop stores).

No7 25 Days of Beauty Secrets - £35
No7 have jumped on the beauty advent calendar bandwagon this year and have released a beautiful 25 day calendar – even one for Christmas day! This calendar is packed with lots of skincare and makeup for the festive season including some of their best sellers. (Available 29th October in Boots stores and online).

Liberty - £149
Liberty is up there with the more expensive side of beauty advent calendars this year at £149 but includes fabulous brands such as Nars, Diptyque and Laura Mercier. Definitely worth the hefty price tag. (Available in Liberty store and online on their website 1st November).

Elemis 12 Days of Beauty - £59.50
Unlike the other advent calendars which have 24 or 25 doors to open, this Elemis one has 12 doors for the 12 days of Christmas. Packed with luxury skincare, pamper yourself with this calendar. (Available now at

L’Occitane - £45
Another different number with the L’Occitane calendar home to 13 doors due to a Provence tradition of having 13 desserts on the festive table – cool huh? This calendar includes fragrance, skincare and body products. (Available 3rd November at

Lush 12 Days of Christmas - £49.95
Following the 12 days of Christmas rule again with the Lush calendar. The packaging on this calendar is beautiful. The calendar opens like a story book which is filled with Christmassy lush treats for a pamper day every day up to Christmas. (Available now at Lush stores and online).

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar - £21.99. Advent House - £24.99.

I know that Yankee Candle isn’t beauty as such, but who doesn’t love candles at Christmas? They have brought back the same style one as last year with 24 doors hiding a tealight candle for each day. But they have also brought a calendar in the shape of a 3D house home to 23 tealight candles and 1 votive candle for the last day. The best part? Every candle is a Christmas collection scent. (Available in stores and online now). 


Some of you may wish to know what each of the calendars include so you know if you want to spend that amount of money on one. So for those who do… here’s what’s inside.

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown
“that gal”, the POREfessional, benetint, high beam, chachatint, posietint, stay flawless, they’re real!, ultra plush in dandelion, ultra plush lip gloss in A-lister, ultra plush lip gloss in fauxmance, BADgal lash, stay don’t stray, fakeup, it’s potent!, total moisture facial cream, ooh la lift, watt’s up, beauty sticky notes, doodle pad, heart-shaped paperclips, pinky polka-dot hair tie, elastic hair band with bow charm, metallic silvery hair tie.

Selfridges Enchanted Spells
Yves Saint Laurent Opium EDT, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream, Lancome Douceur Galateis, Shu Uemura Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, Lancome La Vie est Belle EDP, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Creator, Giorgio Armani Armani Code Femme, Lancome Le Rouge Absoul Bx, Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent Kohl Black, Lancome Genifique Eye Pearl, Urban Decay Anti-Ageing Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Lancome Visionnaire Serum, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Lancome Bi-Facial Eye Make-Up Remover, Lancome Lip Lover 337, Lancome Genifique Serum, Lacome Lip Lover 355, Kiehls Crème de Corps.

15 mini paint pots – headliner, sharp tailoring, members only, sloaney, sweetie, velvet tuxedo, big yellow taxi, mineral clarity, strawberry milkshake, silhouette, unrestricted glam, cupcake queen, amazing gracie, candy cane, sand dune, sherbet fizz.
1 full size paint pot – celestial.
8 effects – girl with a pearl, runaway ribbon, prima ballerina, let it snow, slumber party, tinsel trail, frozen daydream, fairisle style.

Jo Malone
Grapefruit cologne, lime basil and mandarin cologne, English pear and freesia body crème, grapefruit body crème, peony and blush suede cologne, pomegranate noir cologne, pomegranate noir body crème, blackberry and bay cologne and a 50ml pomegranate noir body crème behind the last door.

The Body Shop
Almond hand and nail cream, almond nail file, frosted cranberry heart soap, frosted cranberry shower gel, frosted cranberry shimmer lotion, eye definer black, strawberry heart soap, strawberry lip butter, strawberry hand cream, colour crush nail colour in relish the moment, glazed apple heart soap, glazed apple body lotion, vitamin E moisture cream, vitamin E moisture mask, vitamin E nourishing night cream, moringa shower gel, moringa body milk, mini crinkle lily honeymania lip blm, wild argan oil body lotion, eyeshadow brush, shea shower cream, shea body butter, white musk eau de toilette.

Skin illuminator in peach, high shine lip crayon in delicate pink, eye colour brush, youthful eye serum, stay perfect nail colour in highland mist, lash impact mascara in black, eye shadow in the middle shade from good earth trio, beautiful skin radiance exfoliator, protect and perfect intense day cream, blissful body wash, beautiful skin eye makeup remover, stay precise felt tip eyeliner, high shine lip crayon in daydreamer, completely quenched body lotion, amazing eyes pencil in brown, essential lip brush, intense volume mascara in black, eye shadow in the top shade from cappuccino trio, nail effects disco ball, protect and perfect intense day hand cream, stay perfect metallic eye pencil in blackest, gel look shine nail colour in deep wine, amazing eyes pencil in black, protect and perfect intense night cream, stay perfect duo nail colour in hot to trot and cheeky chops.

I can’t seem to find the list of contents for this calendar – maybe because it isn’t actually out just yet. I can see a few of the brands from the picture though and they include Nars, Decleor, Deborah Lipman, Diptyque, Kiehls, Dermalogica, Eve Lom, Laura Mercier and Weleda.

Pro-collagen cleansing balm, pro-collagen marine cream, pro-collagen oxygenating night cream, pro-radiance illuminating flash balm, papaya enzyme peel, cellular recovery skin bliss capsules (14 caps), revitalising babassu facial wipes (4 sachets), frangipani monoi shower cream, frangipani monoi body oil, skin nourishing shower cream, pro-radiance hand and nail cream, treat your feet foot cream.

I can’t find the contents yet due to it not being available until 3rd November. Check back then J

Snow angel bath melt, hot toddy shower gel, dashing santa bath bomb, honey I washed the kids soap, celebrate body lotion, the olive brance shower gel, karma soap, golden wonder bath bomb, holly golightly bubble bar, lord of misrule bath bomb, cinders bath bob, star light star bright bath melt.

Yankee Candle
Advent calendar – icicles, angel’s wings, snowflake cookie, cranberry ice, Christmas cookie, Christmas garland.
Advent house – candy cane lane, Christmas garland, snowflake cookie, sugared apple, Christmas cookie, Christmas memories, spiced orange and a Christmas eve votive. 

Love Em x

Monday, 20 October 2014

Top 10 Things To Do At Magic Kingdom | Blogtober Day 20

As you know I love Disney so I am going to do a few Disney themed blog posts and tell you what my top five things to do in each park are at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 

1. The three mountains
Some may see this as cheating as it is three rides in the park, but they come under the same topic so I'm going to class it as one. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Spalsh Mountain is a log flume and is themed by Song of the South. I have personally never seen that movie, however the ride is my favourite ride in Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain is obviously space themed. It is in the dark and is inside and is one of the faster rides in the park. Lastly, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's theme is the runaway train and is a fast ride in the form of a train. You have to do the three mountains when you visit the park. 

2. Cinderella's castle
Cinderella's castle is obviously the icon of the park and it is absolutely breathtaking. It is stunning. The amount of detail on the castle is beautiful. You have to walk through the castle as well which you can do unless there is a show on of course. Walking down Main Street U.S.A and just seeing the castle at the end of it is a great moment.

3. Take the ferryboat over to the park
If it is your first time going to Magic Kingdom, or even if it's not, I would highly recommend getting the ferryboat over to the park. You can choose to either get the monorail or the ferryboat but to be honest I always go over to the park on the ferryboat. If you want to try both then by all means get the monorail back, but definitely go over on the ferryboat. I would also recommend getting to the park a while before the park opens so that you can be there for rope drop and see the little performance that Disney put on for the opening. 

4. Character meet and greets
Meeting the characters is something special for people of all ages to do. Some people think that it is something to entertain children but it's really not. No matter what your age is, when you walk into meet Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theatre you feel like a child again and it is just magical. Plus, the photos are a brilliant keepsake to remind you of your trip. He also sometimes has Minnie Mouse on his arm so you can kill two birds with one stone and meet them both at the same time so check out when you get to the park if Minnie is going to be joining him at any point that day to save time for more rides. 

5. Wishes
To finish off your day at Magic Kingdom or even just for something to do at the night time when you are at Disney, go to see Wishes the firework display. It is literally the biggest, best, most magical firework display I have ever seen. It is definitely worth seeing. I know that some people get quite teary eyed when watching the show and it really is a beautiful show. 

So these are my top five things to do in Magic Kingdom. I will be doing my top five things to do in each of the parks and maybe even Downtown Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.

Love Em x

(I do not own any of the photos within this post).

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn Red | Blogtober Day 19

When I was doing my food shopping last week, I was having a little snoop around the make up section and there was a Maybelline stand and straight away my eyes were drawn to this gorgeous red. It is one of the Maybelline Color Show nail varnishes in the colour 352 Downtown Red. Please excuse the state of my nails as I had just taken off my false ones that I had on for a good while so they are a mess, and also only one coat has been applied. I think it is just such a lovely autumn/winter red and I love wearing red nails at this time of year. I can see right now that I will be wearing this nail varnish a lot throughout the next couple of months!

Love Em x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Selfie Tag | Blogtober Day 18

I have seen The Selfie Tag knocking about on YouTube a little bit lately so I thought I would give it a bash. My first instinct was that it was going to be about taking actual selfies, but it's not haha.

1. What is your best physical feature?
I would say my eyes I think. I've got quite big, blue eyes and I do actually quite like them.

2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Would it come as a surprise to you if I said Florida? I know I have already been countless times and I am booked to go back again this June, but it's just my favourite place. I know lots of people have loads of places where they want to visit but to be honest I always just want to go back to Orlando! I would love to travel America and go to lots of different states eventually, but Florida would definitely be in the list even if I was travelling (although I've already done most of Florida... omg, Emma).

3. What do you need to feel better when you are sick?
A nice, chilled out duvet day with lots of comfort food, my doggy and Disney movies... spot on.

4. What piece of advice would you give the youth of today?
Probably to just take each moment as it comes and don't worry about what has already happened. The past is in the past, today is a new day and you never know if you will get to see tomorrow. So yeah, take each moment as it comes and do what makes you happy.

5. What animal do you think you were in a past life?
Ermmm... I have no idea. I don't really resemble any kind of animal or act like one haha. Probably a fish that had a traumatic time in the sea because I'm terrified of it. Oh dear...

6. If you could travel back in time would there be anything that you would change?
Yes... I'd probably take my own advice from question four and just enjoy myself, try not to worry about things and do what makes me happy.

7. What do you do for fun on weekends?
I like shopping, going out with my friends on nights out, eating out and that sort of stuff but I also love just chilling out in the house with The X Factor and a takeaway or something. Both good.

8. What's your biggest workplace pet peeve?
I've never been in full time work yet as I am still a student, but I have had a few part time jobs. My biggest pet peeve in the workplace would probably have to be people of the same level as you or people a lot younger than you telling you what to do. It actually grinds me. They are in the exact same position and work role as you but tell you to do stuff? Do it yourself! Haha.

9. I wouldn't be caught dead without...
Usual boring answer... my phone. Couldn't live without it.

10. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I'd love to be able to fly. Don't have to worry about walking long distances, getting public transport or taxis, the expense of a car... nope I'll just fly and meet you there.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and go on ahead and give it a go yourself.
Love Em x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Top 10 Favourite Things About Orlando, Florida | Blogtober Day 17

As you will be able to tell by now I love all things American and Disney, so Florida quite rightly should be my home, yes? Yes. So today I thought I would share my top ten favourite things about Orlando, Florida. There will be some parks, restaurants, and shops within the top ten so there will be a good mixture!

1. Magic Kingdom
The number one slot is obviously Magic Kingdom. They're really not lying when they say that it is the most magical place on earth. It is a great park for all ages and is such a happy place!

2. Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney comes in at second. It is free admission to Downtown Disney and is one of my favourite places to go at nighttime (although just as beautiful during the day time). It has so many shops, restaurants and even an arcade. And not to mention, home to my third favourite which is...

3. World of Disney
I'm not joking when I say I have to be seriously restrained when I go into this shop as I could literally spend all of my money in this place. The worlds largest Disney store. Need I say more?

4. Universal Studios
Universal Studios is another great park to visit - I am yet to visit Islands of Adventure but I'm sure I will love it (will report back after June 2015!!). It is a totally different atmosphere to the Disney parks, however it is a lot of fun.

5. Hard Rock Cafe
I know there are Hard Rock Cafe's all over the world, but there is just something about the one in Orlando. There is a massive pink Cadillac hanging over the top of the bar which is amazing and the food is top notch!

6. Blizzard Beach/Typhoon Lagoon
I can't choose which water park is my favourite from my memories there. I absolutely love the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon, but I love the rides in Blizzard Beach too. I can't wait to finally ride Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach - I will not leave Florida until I have been on this slide in June!! The weather always curses me when I get round to it!

7. SeaWorld
I love dolphins. I think that is the main reason that I enjoy SeaWorld so much - not that everything else in the park isn't breathtaking. The killer whale show One Ocean is incredible to watch along with the dolphin show Blue Horizons. The dolphin encounter is also incredible. You can purchase a tray of fish (not too expensive, I think around $7) and feed the dolphins with your own hands. I can't wait to visit Discovery Cove in June to finally swim with dolphins!!!

8. Animal Kingdom
Again, with the animals, I love them. The safari at animal kingdom is incredible and I also thoroughly enjoy the Kali river rapids. I will also 100% be riding Expedition Everest this time.

9. The Florida Mall
Who doesn't love shopping? And shopping in America is so much more fun. Bath and Body Works, Sephora... the excitement is real.

10. Pirate's Cove
And finally, something a little different. Every time I visit Orlando, we go to Pirate's Cove on International Drive. It is a miniature adventure golf course, it's a lot of fun and also not very expensive.

So those are my top ten things about Orlando that I love! I can't wait to feel back at home when I touch down in Florida on the 8th of June next year. That holiday also means some brilliant blog posts I hope - and maybe even some vlogging if I'm brave enough! I will definitely be vlogging when I'm there, it's just whether I'm brave enough to press the upload button on youtube!!

Love Em x

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Zoella Beauty | Blogtober Day 16

One of my all time favourite youtubers, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, has brought out a beauty range called Zoella Beauty - well done Zoe! Walking into Superdrug the other day and noticing Zoe's products on the shelf there was so bizarre after watching her on youtube for so many years and then seeing her face in a store was just mesmerizing. Zoe has done so well for herself and Zoella Beauty looks amazing!

This was Zoe's shelf in the Superdrug I went into (Liverpool One). The collection holds two make up bags, a fizz bar, blissful mistful fragranced body mist, let's glow candle, soak opera bath soak/shower cream and creamy madly dreamy body lotion. All of the products are reasonably priced - everything is £5 apart from the make up bags and the blissful mistful fragranced body mist which are priced at £8. 

The make up bags as you can see in the photo above are adorable - the green/blue one with Zoe's eyes and the pink one with a guinea pig. The fizz bar (200g) is shaped like a bar of chocolate and is actually in separate chunks (8 in total) so you don't have to use it all at once (the Superdrug website recommends 1-2 chunks per bath so you can get between 4 and 8 baths from this!). Blissful mistful fragranced body mist comes in a 45ml glass bottle and the scent actually reminded me a little bit of MAC's Turquatic perfume. The website states that the scent includes a mix of fruity and floral notes. Let's glow candle comes in a silver tin with a lid and contains white wood accents, sweet vanilla and soft floral notes within it's scent. Soak opera bath soak/shower cream comes in a 490ml bottle and contains soothing floral notes. This product also contains vitamin E, aloe and shea butter extracts. And lastly, creamy madly dreamy body lotion. This product comes in a 160ml bottle/tube and also contains vitamin E, aloe and shea butter extracts - I'm guessing in the same scent as soak opera although sadly they were both sealed in the shop so I couldn't get a whiff :(

I would be so proud of myself if I was Zoe and had achieved all that she had from making videos in her bedroom. The collection looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to pick up a few things on my next Superdrug trip - I love the look of the make up bags and the fragrance smells incredible. 

Congratulations Zoe!
Love Em x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Disney Movies Tag | Blogtober Day 15

I stumbled across the Disney movies tag and because I am a massive Disney fan, I was all over it. So here we go... 

- Name five of your favourite Disney animated films
The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, The Lion King and Finding Nemo.

- Name three of your favourite Disney characters
Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Olaf (Frozen).

- Name three of your favourite Disney villains
Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Jafar (Aladdin) and Gaston (Beauty and the Beast).

- Name three of your favourite Disney pairings
Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid), Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) and Anna and Kristoff (Frozen).

- Name three Disney moments that have made you cry
I don't think that I have really cried at a Disney movie. There are obviously parts in there which are sad and could make you temporarily unhappy whilst watching, like Bambi's mother dying *snuffles* but I don't think that I have actually shed tears.

- Name three Disney moments that have made you riled up
As much as I love Gaston, he does make me riled up haha he's far too arrogant but a brilliant character. The birds and mice in Cinderella actually make me angry (oops sorry). And third has to be when Ursula turns into a human with Ariel's voice and fools poor ol' Eric. 

- Name three Disney moments that have, or still, frighten you
I've never been frightened by a Disney movie to be honest. 

- Name three Disney moments that make you happy
I think that every Disney movie makes me happy but I love it when Ariel's father turns her into a human so that she can be with Eric, when the Beast comes back to life as Belle declares her love for him and when Nemo and Marlin are reunited from their separation.

- Name three of your favourite Disney songs
"Part of Your World" (The Little Mermaid), "Circle of Life" (The Lion King) and "Under the Sea" (The Little Mermaid).

As you may have noticed a recurring theme throughout this tag, I am totally obsessed with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The Little Mermaid is just perfection and it is pretty impossible to not love Beauty and the Beast. 

Love Em x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive by Color Riche Review | Blogtober Day 14

Back in January, L'Oreal came out with Collection Privee which was a selection of nude lipsticks by many different celebrities. Now they have bounced back again with Collection Exclusive which is a selection of red and nude lipsticks by celebrities again. The celebrities this time are Doutzen Kroes, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria and Liya Kibede.

I picked up Blake's red and Eva's nude. The packaging is beautiful and I feel that it has an expensive feel even though it is a drugstore lipstick.

The lipsticks themselves are very pigmented and creamy. The red claims to be a matte lipstick, however I don't agree completely. I feel like they still have a bit of shine in them and aren't completely matte, however they don't have as much shine as a regular red lipstick. The collection is four reds and four nudes, claiming to have a shade for every skin tone. I think the selection is small so maybe there isn't one for every skin tone but the lipsticks that are available are very beautiful. 

I was very impressed with both of the lipsticks and their staying power is also extremely good. I missed out on the chance to pick up any from the Collection Privee so I was glad to get my hands on a couple of these ones. These lipsticks are limited edition and are selling out quite quickly so grab one or a few as soon as you can.

Have you tried any yet?
Love Em x

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Disney World Tag | Blogtober Day 13

I saw The Disney World Tag on Instagram, screen shotted it straight away and absolutely wanted to do it. So here goes...

1. Favourite park?
Magic Kingdom, hands down.

2. Favourite character to meet?
Mickey and Minnie when they are together in Mickey's little place.

3. Favourite nighttime show?
Wishes firework display - beautiful.

4. Favourite ride in each park?
Magic Kingdom - Splash Mountain (may change to Journey of The Little Mermaid once I have ridden it!). Hollywood Studios (MGM) - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Animal Kingdom - Kali River Rapids. Epcot - Soarin'. Blizzard Beach - Cross Country Creek (love a good lazy river) or Slush Gusher (I am yet to ride Summit Plummet due to weather circumstances each time! Got 3 from the front last time and it got closed!!). Typhoon Lagoon - Crush 'n' Gusher.

5. Favourite dessert?
Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Sandwich. It is cookies and cream ice cream sandwiched together in two Mickey biscuits! Yummy!

6. Favourite character memory?
The very first time I went to Disney, I was about 7 years old, and I went with my parents, my brother along with my aunt and uncle. Meeting Minnie Mouse for the first time was so amazing, I can remember it clear as day and was so unforgettable. We even have some photos of the moment. My favourite is all of us smiling with Minnie whilst I'm hugging the life from her and my Dad is kissing her cheek. Love that picture and memory!

7. Favourite souvenir?
I can't choose between two. They are both from the first time I went - one is a ring and one is a key chain. The ring is just a dainty little gold ring with Mickeys face engraved into it. And the key chain is golden and in the shape of an old picture frame with the castle on the front and it opens up and the princesses are inside.

8. Favourite land in Magic Kingdom?
Fantasyland - but I love Frontierland also!

9. Favourite country in Epcot?
It's such a boring answer, but I love England in the World Showcase, because I love seeing all the English stuff in the USA and also seeing their portrayal of England is interesting too.

10. Favourite part of Festival of Fantasy?
Beauty and the Beast's float.

11. Favourite restaurant?
I love the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom mainly because of the surroundings inside there. It's so detailed and fun - although I am looking forward to trying other restaurants I haven't before (including Be Our Guest - so excited!).

12. Favourite magical moment?
Literally every moment from the minute you walk into the park to the minute you leave is magical. Even stepping off the plane at Orlando International, you feel the magic because you know you're heading to Disney!

Love Em x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sick Day | Blogtober Day 12

Guys I'm ill! I'm so gutted. I started to feel it a little the day before yesterday but then yesterday got a little worse and now I am literally not wanting to move anywhere. Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year, but I hate the colds that come with it! I've now enjoyed moving into my house, getting back to uni and shopping so now I am in bed typing this post up with the flu. Great. I feel so weak and ill and tired so I am going to be having a few early nights in the next few days. And no matter how old I get, when I'm poorly I will always miss being at home with my mum looking after me and my dog giving me cuddles all day... but I'm at uni so not this time, Em!

Because of me being ill today, I haven't done much. Literally had to drag myself to the restaurant for dinner with my friends today but as soon as we were back I crawled back into bed like a little sloth haha. So I thought to myself about today's post and just thought I would do a little list of things that I do on days when I am sick:

- Lazy days in bed
- Disney movies
- Tasty snacks and feel good food
- Long baths
-Sleeping (not just when I'm ill haha)
- Candles
- Hot water bottles

Is there anything that you always do when you're sick?
Love Em x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Liverpool Haul | Blogtober Day 11

So because I'm back in Liverpool, one of the first things that I wanted to do was go shopping to pick up a few bits. I love the stuff that I found so I thought I would share them with you. Theres some beauty, a couple of accessories and just a random thing which is pretty cool.

L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara - £10.99. L'Oreal Lipsticks in Eva's Nude and Blake's Red - £6.99 each. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 30 - £5.49.

I picked up another one of my mascaras as I was in need of a new one and I have changed from Maybelline The Falsies to L'Oreal False Lash Flutter (I never thought I would change from the falsies!). The mascara is amazing. It has a plastic brush but isn't just normal shape and makes the lashes look incredible. I also wanted to get my hands on a couple of the new L'Oreal collection of nudes and reds and I chose Eva's Nude and Blake's Red - both stunning colours and Superdrug had L'Oreal products on 3 for 2 which made it even better! I also wanted to pick up the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 30 after watching Essie Buttons video where she featured this - it's such an autumnal berry colour and is literally stunning. 

Left to right: L'Oreal Blake's Red, Rimmel Kate Moss in 30, L'Oreal Eva's Nude.

Next, I headed to Lush again... surprise surprise, nothing new there. I literally find myself addicted when it comes to this time of the year so I went in and picked up another few bits.

Reindeer Rock soap -  £3.10 per 100g (my piece - £5.46), Fizzbanger bath bomb - £3.35, Snow Fairy shower gel, small - £3.75, Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb - £3.50.

When I last visited Lush last week, I was stuck between choosing the soap Yog Nog or Reindeer Rock. I went with Yog Nog but still ended up going back and getting Reindeer Rock. It is made from dried lingonberry infusion and contains bergamot oil and toning cypress. The soap is a gorgeous purple/maroon colour with little reindeers embossed onto it with a gorgeous berry scent. I then picked up the Fizzbanger which I have never tried before and as you can see it is such a bright yellow colour so I’m looking forward to seeing it in the water. I think it is supposed to be like fireworks as it contains popping candy with a scent of citrus apple and cinnamon. It contains ylang ylang and cinnamon leaf oil and the website also mentions petitgrain which is used in aromatherapy to calm the breathing and heartbeat and to help with anxiety so I am looking forward to seeing if that works. Snow Fairy is one of the Lush Christmas classics which I pick up every year. It’s bright pink, smells like candy floss and has slight glitter in it – could a shower gel get any better, really? Finally from Lush I picked up the Luxury Lush Pud which I had last year, but it has been changed. Last year it was a purple colour and this year it is literally fluorescent pink. It contains tonka absolute, ylang ylang and lavender oil. It also has the same scent as Twilight which is one of my all time favourites from Lush.

Necklace - £6.00.

Necklace - £5.00.

Thermal travel mug - £3.00 (I think).

Finally, I headed to Primark. I picked up a couple of really cute necklaces. I especially love the big flowery one, I think it will look so cute with a big chunky jumper in the winter time to make it look a bit more dressy. And the travel mug is the random purchase. This little baby had caught my eye the last couple of times I went into Primark and I thought to myself 'no Emma you don't need it cause you don't drink coffee or tea' but I couldn't resist the glitter any longer. This will now be my excuse to take hot chocolate everywhere with me - not that anyone needs an excuse for hot chocolate wherever they are right?

Hope you liked this little haul. 
Love Em x

Friday, 10 October 2014

Liverpool City Centre | Blogtober Day 10

Liverpool is my second home and has been for 2 years now and if there is one thing I love about Liverpool it's the city centre. They have an amazing centre for shopping, nights out and even sightseeing for tourists.

The shopping is incredible with literally every shop you can think of (except selfridges... I miss you selfridges) and is stupidly big with restaurants and things to do as well such as the cinema and mini golf. The nights out here are crazy and me and my friends always have a good time when we go out. There is also many places to do things for tourists including a big wheel like the London Eye, museums and the Albert Dock.

One of my personal favourite things I've discovered in Liverpool is Central Perk. As a crazy Friends fan, it was so exciting to go there. The coffee house is so similar to the one in the Friends TV show with a big screen playing Friends all day long every day - not to mention the food and drinks are awesome.

Love Em x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Adjusting Back To Univeristy Life | Blogtober Day 9

After leaving my second year at uni for the summer, I wasn't expecting for it to be so weird coming back. I did get literally four months off uni over the summer so I was back home and found a little part time job in a bakery to keep me going, but leaving that job and coming back to uni has felt a little strange.

This year, as you know, me and my friends are in a house rather than halls of residence. The house is lovely and doesn't look or feel like a student house at all and is a lot better in comparison to halls. Don't get me wrong, I loved my first year of university halls - literally the best year of uni... but after second year in halls we were ready for our own house.

In first year of uni, we were in halls with all girls doing the same or similar courses to ourselves and as we were all freshers, all wanted to do the same things - go on nights out, sleep till whatever time in the day, miss a few classes due to stupidity the night before leading to a horrendous hangover and basically have an amazing first year - and that we did. Second year was a lot quieter.. we were put in halls with some first years and some third along with international students. I liked my second year but it didn't even compare to first year.

Third year has only been going on for a week now but I do love it and having the house is a lot more practical and better for us. Halls included a lot of rules obviously but some were just ridiculous - at 20 years of age and not allowed the girls or boys from other halls in our halls past 11pm being one of them. But having four months off over summer didn't make it easy to come back. Getting used to home comforts again and being around all my family and friends made me not want to come back but it is going good.

Love Em x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lush Northern Lights Review | Blogtober Day 8

Northern lights is a limited edition bath bomb from Lush from their Halloween 2014 collection and priced at £3.50. I will be honest, when I walked into the shop and saw this bath bomb, I wasn't blown away. The shape of it interested me as it is obviously not a normal shape for a bath bomb with it being long rather than round, however with it just being a lilac colour, I didn't expect too much.

However, all was changed when I saw the lady from the shop put into a bowl of water and saw it explode into a rainbow of colours. Northern lights smells incredible including jasmine and ylang ylang within its' ingredients. It also leaves little stars in your bath as well (which do dissolve) leaving your bath look like Bonfire night with all the fireworks of colour and the stars making it look even more like the sky. After a while, the bomb leaves your bath a pale lilac colour when all of the exciting explosions have come to an end. It leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth and soft and smelling gorgeous. It is a very calming bathing experience and I will definitely be going back to Lush to pick up a few more before the collection is taken out of stores.

Have you given anything from the Lush Halloween/Christmas collection for 2014 yet? It all looks so amazing and I think a few more repurchases will be to follow when I have tried out more of the collection I bought. 

Love Em x

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lush Haul | Blogtober Day 7

Around this time of year, Lush definitely becomes one of my favourite shops. Don't get me wrong, I love Lush all year round, however I just find that during autumn and winter I have a lot more baths. So as Lush released all of their Halloween and Christmas products, I was drawn in and found myself with a rather full basket. I also prefer the more festive, Christmassy scents rather than the summery and sweet scents. So I'll start with the couple of Halloween things I purchased and then share my Christmas ones.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar: £3.50

The label reads: A warming and cheerful bubble bar to add sparkle to cold nights... 

I'm probably going to say this about every product I bought, but this smells amazing. It is a bubble bar so you will get more than one bath out of this pumpkin and it will turn your bath water orange. It is covered in orange glitter so it may leave you with a sparkle on you so if you don't like that then this might not be the one for you. The sparkly pumpkin contains juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils so will leave your skin feeling lovely.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb: £3.50
The label reads: This sparkling, colourful bomb turns your water into a night time spectacle. 

Northern lights is a bath bomb and is literally so surprising. When I was in the shop, my friend picked it up to smell and one of the lovely sales assistants asked us if we would like to see it in action – incredible. It has lots of different colours inside it so don’t be deceived by just a purple exterior. Containing jasmine and ylang ylang, this bomb will turn your bath into a firework filled sky – including stars within the bomb as well.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: £3.75
The label reads: Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in, and then take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away.

Golden wonder is one of my all-time favourite bath bombs from Lush and I always make sure to grab a few every time they are re-released. Golden wonder is absolutely huge and shaped like a gold and white present. When you shake the bomb, you will hear it rattle and when you drop it in the water it will turn your water a bright blue colour, releasing three miniature bombs inside of different colours and an array of golden stars. The scent of this product is quite citrusy, containing orange, lime and cognac oils leaving you feeling relaxed and smelling amazing.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar: £2.95
The label reads: Crumble the bar under the hot running tap, to allow the water to agitate mounds of bubbles for you with no effort on your part.

Christmas eve bubble bar is another favourite of mine from last years’ collection when I first tried it. As the label says, you just break some off and crumble it under running water – you don’t need much of the bubble bar product so you can get more than one bath out of them all the time. This product is very calming and will send your water a greeny colour. The bar contains Irish moss powder which will turn your water all silky also containing jasmine and ylang ylang essential oil.

The Christmas Penguin: £2.95
The label reads: Orange flower absolute and mandarin oil make this bubbly little chap a real pick-me-up.

A new product for me to try as I missed out on this little guy last year. Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Another bubble bar so crumble him under your running water to create lots of bubbles containing orange flower absolute, Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils which will revive and refresh your skin.

Dashing Santa: £2.95
The label reads: The citrus essential oils in this satsuma-scented bath bomb will put a spring in your step.

A new product for 2014 containing mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute, this Satsuma scented bath bomb will send your water a gorgeous pinky-orange-red colour – perfect for a nice relaxing bath. I’m really excited to try this one. I usually buy the father Christmas bath bomb, but I find that he can be a bit messy! He also smells incredible.

Cinders Bath Bomb: £2.50
The label reads: Warm up this bath bomb's hot fruit punch fragrance and listen to the crackle of popping candy.

This is my absolute favourite scent ever – pure Christmas. This cute little bath bomb contains vegan popping candy and stimulation cinnamon leaf oil. Cinders sends your bath water a yellowy-orange colour and smells absolutely incredible. When you drop your bath bomb in, be sure to listen carefully to hear the popping candy crackle just like you’re fireside on a winters’ night.

So White Bath Bomb: £3.50 
The label reads: Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, the through your white snowball ballistic at the side of your bath to watch it shatter and erupt in fizzing colour. 

So white – another favourite. This bath bomb may not look amazing from the outside, but smell it and you won’t be able to resist. So white is apple scented and contains bergamot oil, rose absolute, neroli oil and orange flower absolute. This bomb will smell your whole bathroom out with the gorgeous scent of apples, whilst fizzing away to the pink core, turning your water a delicate pink. So white also has a friend this year - the so white shower gel with the same scent... I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb: £3.50
The label reads: Paint the swirling colours of the night skies over the surface of your bath.

Again, not the most exciting bath bomb to look at, however this bomb will turn your water multicoloured with its explosion of colour. Shoot for the stars will also leave a trail of silver, according to the website. The bomb contains the same scent as the classic soap, honey I washed the kids, leaving your water eventually a midnight, shimmering blue.

Butterbear Bath Bomb: £1.95
The label reads: A creamy vanilla-scented bath bomb with cocoa butter to soften the skin.

This little bear is so, so cute I couldn't resist. Butterbear contains the same scent as the butterball bath bomb, however it is shaped into a cute little bear. I don't think that this little guy is going to do much to the colour of the water as such, but as the cheapest bath bomb released for Christmas, he is cheap and cheerful, smells amazing and perfect for all ages.

Yog Nog Soap: £3.40 per 100g
The label reads: A creamy skin drink of soap made with soya yoghurt and a fudgy blend of festive spices. 

Yog nog, the most delicious smelling soap ever, contains soya yoghurt and some festive spices to release a beautiful Christmassy scent. Also containing a fudgy blend of clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils, dusted with cocoa powder and very soft, you will feel and smell all festive after lathering up with this spicy little soap.

I hope you liked my halloweeny-festive Lush haul. I am in absolute awe of the products this year and already can't wait to get back in the Lush shop. I will be sure to do another haul if I manage to pick up any of the other products not mentioned from the Christmas collection, but you can buy all the products mentioned at or in store now. 

What is your favourite Lush Christmas product?
Love Em x