Thursday, 9 October 2014

Adjusting Back To Univeristy Life | Blogtober Day 9

After leaving my second year at uni for the summer, I wasn't expecting for it to be so weird coming back. I did get literally four months off uni over the summer so I was back home and found a little part time job in a bakery to keep me going, but leaving that job and coming back to uni has felt a little strange.

This year, as you know, me and my friends are in a house rather than halls of residence. The house is lovely and doesn't look or feel like a student house at all and is a lot better in comparison to halls. Don't get me wrong, I loved my first year of university halls - literally the best year of uni... but after second year in halls we were ready for our own house.

In first year of uni, we were in halls with all girls doing the same or similar courses to ourselves and as we were all freshers, all wanted to do the same things - go on nights out, sleep till whatever time in the day, miss a few classes due to stupidity the night before leading to a horrendous hangover and basically have an amazing first year - and that we did. Second year was a lot quieter.. we were put in halls with some first years and some third along with international students. I liked my second year but it didn't even compare to first year.

Third year has only been going on for a week now but I do love it and having the house is a lot more practical and better for us. Halls included a lot of rules obviously but some were just ridiculous - at 20 years of age and not allowed the girls or boys from other halls in our halls past 11pm being one of them. But having four months off over summer didn't make it easy to come back. Getting used to home comforts again and being around all my family and friends made me not want to come back but it is going good.

Love Em x

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