Thursday, 2 October 2014

Things to look forward to | Blogtober Day 2

I'm not really the kind of person who gets excited over Halloween when October comes along, however this year I'm really looking forward to this month. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and definitely my favourite time of the year and I just feel as though I have a lot to look forward to at the moment. 

Firstly, I live in a village and it is quite small so when an empty shop started getting refurbished and turned into a Yankee Candle shop, I was probably a tad too excited. I have already had two candles from there already but have been invited to a loyal customer event already where they are launching their Christmas collection, which means first dibs on the Christmas stock - this could be dangerous. 

I also started a job in a local bakery when I came home from university for the summer. I go to university in Liverpool and as much as I love being a uni, nothing can beat being at home. But a students' money will only stretch so far equalling in my bakery job. It has literally been the best part time job I have ever had and the people I work with are amazing. I don't ever dread going to work and always have a laugh with the girls I work with, however I leave on Friday to go back to uni... slightly gutted although my last day does involve Halloween fancy dress to promote the new products! 

I was also very pleased to see that Lush released their Christmas collection today which always gets me very excited and my bank card very nervous. Lush is one of my favourite shops during the autumn/winter months as I love having a bath every day. During the summer I am definitely a shower person, but during the colder months I love a good bath with a bath bomb and bubble bar, especially the spicier, cinnamony smells.

I am then heading back to Liverpool for my last year at university on the Sunday and moving into my very first house. I am so excited to be heading back for my final year - it has gone stupidly fast! I am so scared to be leaving and not being in any education and entering the "real world" of full time work, however studying to work in a primary school makes me very excited to be working with the little children everyday! :)

 Halloween and bonfire night come next and as I said I'm not Halloween's biggest fan (sorry...) but I do love a good bonfire! Getting all wrapped up in winter clothes and layers and heading to a massive fire with your friends or family is just so cosy and exciting watching the firework displays. 

And then before we know it, Christmas will be here! My absolute favourite time of the year! The clothes, layers, scarves, cold days, dark nights, hot chocolate, twinkly lights and everybody being so happy. 

Is there anything that you are looking forward to for the rest of the year?
Love Em x

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