Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Casetify | Blogtober Day 22

A few months ago I got the iPhone 5C in pink and wanted a case for it to keep it in good condition. I got just the bog standard clear case so you could still see the colour of the phone, but it cracked and bits broke off so I went onto a website I heard about off lilmisschickas’ channel on youtube called ‘casetify’ or formerly known as castagram. You basically design your own phone case with different designs available for the amount of pictures that you want on there and you upload your pictures onto it to make your very own personalized phone case. It is an American website so it is priced in dollars, but amazingly they have free worldwide shipping so that was a bonus. I was also able to find a coupon code online to get some money off so I think it worked out at about £18 in total. I have some pictures of my dog, with friends and family and of course there had to be a bit of Disney on there too! I have not taken it off since I got it and I don’t plan on doing anytime soon! I love it!

Love Em x

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