Sunday, 25 August 2013

One Direction Lipstick Range

One Direction have recently worked with MUA (Make Up Academy) make up brand, stocked at Superdrug, to create their own make up line. Their make up line is limited edition and contains five lipsticks, five lip polishes, five nail polishes and three cheek tints. 

As a big One Direction fan, I wanted to get my hands on the lot of it, but especially the lipsticks. The whole make up line is brilliantly priced at £3 for each item, except the lip polishes priced at £2.50.  

Harry's, Liam's, Louis's, Niall's, Zayn's

This is what the packaging of the lipsticks looks like. I actually really like the packaging as it's quite fun and young looking. 

Harry's, Liam's, Louis's, Niall's, Zayn's

The colour of each lipstick has been chosen by one of the boys, and on the bullet, when the lid is removed, is the boys signature to show which is their lipstick and which is their favourite colour lipstick for a girl.

Harry's, Liam's, Louis's, Niall's, Zayn's

Back row: Harry's, Liam's, Louis's
Front row: Niall's, Zayn's

The lipsticks also have engravings on them and on the tip where you apply it to your lips, is the "1D" logo and down the side of the lipstick are "x's" and "o's".

Swatches with flash

Swatches without flash

In my opinion, I love these lipsticks and I think that they are great. They are very highly pigmented and glide on so smoothly. They are a brilliant purchase and I can't wait to try out the rest of their collection!

Harry's lipstick, Be Mine, is my favourite. Not only is Harry my favourite member of One Direction, but I love a good red lipstick. It is a lovely shade of darker red and I love it.

Liam's lipstick, I Want, is a bright red with an orange tint. Red lipsticks are one of my favourites so I am always happy to add another shade of red to my collection.

Louis's lipstick, Rock Me, is my least favourite in the collection, although it is still nice. It is a pale lilac colour, which if it was in stores as a normal lipstick from another brand, I would have probably left on the shelf, but I just bought the whole One Direction collection. 

Niall's lipstick, Moments, is a brilliant shade for every day use. It is a nudey-pink shade and will go with every thing. I think it is quite similar to MAC's Hue, which I have, so I think I will get a lot of use out of this one.

Zayn's lipstick, I Wish, is a lovely pink colour. It looks a lot brighter in the bullet than it does in real life, but is still quite a barbie pink when applied to the lips. I think this is a great colour and I will use this one a lot. 

All in all, I think that the One Direction lipsticks from MUA are fabulous. I think that everybody will be able to find a colour for them in this collection as it has brights and pales. All the lipsticks are very creamy and stay on for a very long time. I can't wait to go shopping to try out the rest of the collection! Will you be trying anything from the One Direction make up line?

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost.
Em x