Monday, 20 October 2014

Top 10 Things To Do At Magic Kingdom | Blogtober Day 20

As you know I love Disney so I am going to do a few Disney themed blog posts and tell you what my top five things to do in each park are at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 

1. The three mountains
Some may see this as cheating as it is three rides in the park, but they come under the same topic so I'm going to class it as one. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Spalsh Mountain is a log flume and is themed by Song of the South. I have personally never seen that movie, however the ride is my favourite ride in Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain is obviously space themed. It is in the dark and is inside and is one of the faster rides in the park. Lastly, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's theme is the runaway train and is a fast ride in the form of a train. You have to do the three mountains when you visit the park. 

2. Cinderella's castle
Cinderella's castle is obviously the icon of the park and it is absolutely breathtaking. It is stunning. The amount of detail on the castle is beautiful. You have to walk through the castle as well which you can do unless there is a show on of course. Walking down Main Street U.S.A and just seeing the castle at the end of it is a great moment.

3. Take the ferryboat over to the park
If it is your first time going to Magic Kingdom, or even if it's not, I would highly recommend getting the ferryboat over to the park. You can choose to either get the monorail or the ferryboat but to be honest I always go over to the park on the ferryboat. If you want to try both then by all means get the monorail back, but definitely go over on the ferryboat. I would also recommend getting to the park a while before the park opens so that you can be there for rope drop and see the little performance that Disney put on for the opening. 

4. Character meet and greets
Meeting the characters is something special for people of all ages to do. Some people think that it is something to entertain children but it's really not. No matter what your age is, when you walk into meet Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theatre you feel like a child again and it is just magical. Plus, the photos are a brilliant keepsake to remind you of your trip. He also sometimes has Minnie Mouse on his arm so you can kill two birds with one stone and meet them both at the same time so check out when you get to the park if Minnie is going to be joining him at any point that day to save time for more rides. 

5. Wishes
To finish off your day at Magic Kingdom or even just for something to do at the night time when you are at Disney, go to see Wishes the firework display. It is literally the biggest, best, most magical firework display I have ever seen. It is definitely worth seeing. I know that some people get quite teary eyed when watching the show and it really is a beautiful show. 

So these are my top five things to do in Magic Kingdom. I will be doing my top five things to do in each of the parks and maybe even Downtown Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.

Love Em x

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