Friday, 10 October 2014

Liverpool City Centre | Blogtober Day 10

Liverpool is my second home and has been for 2 years now and if there is one thing I love about Liverpool it's the city centre. They have an amazing centre for shopping, nights out and even sightseeing for tourists.

The shopping is incredible with literally every shop you can think of (except selfridges... I miss you selfridges) and is stupidly big with restaurants and things to do as well such as the cinema and mini golf. The nights out here are crazy and me and my friends always have a good time when we go out. There is also many places to do things for tourists including a big wheel like the London Eye, museums and the Albert Dock.

One of my personal favourite things I've discovered in Liverpool is Central Perk. As a crazy Friends fan, it was so exciting to go there. The coffee house is so similar to the one in the Friends TV show with a big screen playing Friends all day long every day - not to mention the food and drinks are awesome.

Love Em x

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