Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lush Haul | Blogtober Day 7

Around this time of year, Lush definitely becomes one of my favourite shops. Don't get me wrong, I love Lush all year round, however I just find that during autumn and winter I have a lot more baths. So as Lush released all of their Halloween and Christmas products, I was drawn in and found myself with a rather full basket. I also prefer the more festive, Christmassy scents rather than the summery and sweet scents. So I'll start with the couple of Halloween things I purchased and then share my Christmas ones.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar: £3.50

The label reads: A warming and cheerful bubble bar to add sparkle to cold nights... 

I'm probably going to say this about every product I bought, but this smells amazing. It is a bubble bar so you will get more than one bath out of this pumpkin and it will turn your bath water orange. It is covered in orange glitter so it may leave you with a sparkle on you so if you don't like that then this might not be the one for you. The sparkly pumpkin contains juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils so will leave your skin feeling lovely.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb: £3.50
The label reads: This sparkling, colourful bomb turns your water into a night time spectacle. 

Northern lights is a bath bomb and is literally so surprising. When I was in the shop, my friend picked it up to smell and one of the lovely sales assistants asked us if we would like to see it in action – incredible. It has lots of different colours inside it so don’t be deceived by just a purple exterior. Containing jasmine and ylang ylang, this bomb will turn your bath into a firework filled sky – including stars within the bomb as well.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: £3.75
The label reads: Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in, and then take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away.

Golden wonder is one of my all-time favourite bath bombs from Lush and I always make sure to grab a few every time they are re-released. Golden wonder is absolutely huge and shaped like a gold and white present. When you shake the bomb, you will hear it rattle and when you drop it in the water it will turn your water a bright blue colour, releasing three miniature bombs inside of different colours and an array of golden stars. The scent of this product is quite citrusy, containing orange, lime and cognac oils leaving you feeling relaxed and smelling amazing.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar: £2.95
The label reads: Crumble the bar under the hot running tap, to allow the water to agitate mounds of bubbles for you with no effort on your part.

Christmas eve bubble bar is another favourite of mine from last years’ collection when I first tried it. As the label says, you just break some off and crumble it under running water – you don’t need much of the bubble bar product so you can get more than one bath out of them all the time. This product is very calming and will send your water a greeny colour. The bar contains Irish moss powder which will turn your water all silky also containing jasmine and ylang ylang essential oil.

The Christmas Penguin: £2.95
The label reads: Orange flower absolute and mandarin oil make this bubbly little chap a real pick-me-up.

A new product for me to try as I missed out on this little guy last year. Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Another bubble bar so crumble him under your running water to create lots of bubbles containing orange flower absolute, Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils which will revive and refresh your skin.

Dashing Santa: £2.95
The label reads: The citrus essential oils in this satsuma-scented bath bomb will put a spring in your step.

A new product for 2014 containing mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute, this Satsuma scented bath bomb will send your water a gorgeous pinky-orange-red colour – perfect for a nice relaxing bath. I’m really excited to try this one. I usually buy the father Christmas bath bomb, but I find that he can be a bit messy! He also smells incredible.

Cinders Bath Bomb: £2.50
The label reads: Warm up this bath bomb's hot fruit punch fragrance and listen to the crackle of popping candy.

This is my absolute favourite scent ever – pure Christmas. This cute little bath bomb contains vegan popping candy and stimulation cinnamon leaf oil. Cinders sends your bath water a yellowy-orange colour and smells absolutely incredible. When you drop your bath bomb in, be sure to listen carefully to hear the popping candy crackle just like you’re fireside on a winters’ night.

So White Bath Bomb: £3.50 
The label reads: Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, the through your white snowball ballistic at the side of your bath to watch it shatter and erupt in fizzing colour. 

So white – another favourite. This bath bomb may not look amazing from the outside, but smell it and you won’t be able to resist. So white is apple scented and contains bergamot oil, rose absolute, neroli oil and orange flower absolute. This bomb will smell your whole bathroom out with the gorgeous scent of apples, whilst fizzing away to the pink core, turning your water a delicate pink. So white also has a friend this year - the so white shower gel with the same scent... I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb: £3.50
The label reads: Paint the swirling colours of the night skies over the surface of your bath.

Again, not the most exciting bath bomb to look at, however this bomb will turn your water multicoloured with its explosion of colour. Shoot for the stars will also leave a trail of silver, according to the website. The bomb contains the same scent as the classic soap, honey I washed the kids, leaving your water eventually a midnight, shimmering blue.

Butterbear Bath Bomb: £1.95
The label reads: A creamy vanilla-scented bath bomb with cocoa butter to soften the skin.

This little bear is so, so cute I couldn't resist. Butterbear contains the same scent as the butterball bath bomb, however it is shaped into a cute little bear. I don't think that this little guy is going to do much to the colour of the water as such, but as the cheapest bath bomb released for Christmas, he is cheap and cheerful, smells amazing and perfect for all ages.

Yog Nog Soap: £3.40 per 100g
The label reads: A creamy skin drink of soap made with soya yoghurt and a fudgy blend of festive spices. 

Yog nog, the most delicious smelling soap ever, contains soya yoghurt and some festive spices to release a beautiful Christmassy scent. Also containing a fudgy blend of clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils, dusted with cocoa powder and very soft, you will feel and smell all festive after lathering up with this spicy little soap.

I hope you liked my halloweeny-festive Lush haul. I am in absolute awe of the products this year and already can't wait to get back in the Lush shop. I will be sure to do another haul if I manage to pick up any of the other products not mentioned from the Christmas collection, but you can buy all the products mentioned at www.lush.co.uk or in store now. 

What is your favourite Lush Christmas product?
Love Em x

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