Sunday, 5 October 2014

University Room Before | Blogtober Day 5

I am in my final year at university now studying in Liverpool and me and my friends have got a house to stay in now instead of staying in university halls accommodation. I just thought I would share a picture of my room before I got all of my stuff in (apart from my bedding) and then show you what it looks like later on in October when I am happy with how everything is set up. 

We numbered the bedrooms from one to four and picked them out of a pot to decide who got which bedroom and I was lucky enough to get the second biggest size. My bedroom came furnished with a wardrobe, some shelves, a bed, a desk and a set of drawers which are by the window which you can't see.

This is the state that my room looked like once I had brought all my things over to unpack so it's an absolute mess! Haha, but I am excited to put my own touch on it and make it the best I can. So when I am happy with how I have got it I will do another blog post later on in the month and show you things in more detail. 

Sorry about this blog post and my next one being out of timing with the blogtober month, but when we moved in we had a problem with the wifi so I was unable to use my laptop to upload the post with the pictures on. So it is now the 7th of October, but I will be posting this post and two others to make up for it and get back on track now that the Virgin Media man has been round to fix it (yayyyyy!!).

Love Em x

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