Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sick Day | Blogtober Day 12

Guys I'm ill! I'm so gutted. I started to feel it a little the day before yesterday but then yesterday got a little worse and now I am literally not wanting to move anywhere. Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year, but I hate the colds that come with it! I've now enjoyed moving into my house, getting back to uni and shopping so now I am in bed typing this post up with the flu. Great. I feel so weak and ill and tired so I am going to be having a few early nights in the next few days. And no matter how old I get, when I'm poorly I will always miss being at home with my mum looking after me and my dog giving me cuddles all day... but I'm at uni so not this time, Em!

Because of me being ill today, I haven't done much. Literally had to drag myself to the restaurant for dinner with my friends today but as soon as we were back I crawled back into bed like a little sloth haha. So I thought to myself about today's post and just thought I would do a little list of things that I do on days when I am sick:

- Lazy days in bed
- Disney movies
- Tasty snacks and feel good food
- Long baths
-Sleeping (not just when I'm ill haha)
- Candles
- Hot water bottles

Is there anything that you always do when you're sick?
Love Em x

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