Wednesday, 12 February 2014

L'Oreal Paris 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution Review

Getting hold of the hyped-up blogger-crazy Bioderma solution has been a struggle for me as I haven't been anywhere that sells it since everybody has been going crazy for it. So, when L'Oreal came out with their micellar solution, which is supposed to be like Bioderma, and everybody started blogging and YouTubing about it, I definitely wanted to get my hands on a bottle. 

Starting off with the packaging, I really like it. I think it is quite simple with the clear bottle, which is plastic, and the white top with a hint of girly pink where the writing is placed. 

I wanted to try this product out for a few days before writing about and I think I am now ready to give my opinion, so here goes...

I am literally SOO impressed with it. I have nothing to compare it to, due to me not trying out Bioderma before, but I am really happy with this L'Oreal version. 

The solution claims to: 1. dissolve make-up. 2. unclog pores and remove impurities. 3. tone and sooth 

I agree with everything it says on the bottle. I feel that it removes your make-up with ease. I just apply some of the solution to a cotton pad and wipe my make-up away. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin. I have combination skin and find it great.

The product is suitable for face, eyes and lips, so I have been using this all over my face and have seriously loved it. I heard rumours about it leaving a slightly oily residue on the skin, so I was a bit wary about buying it, but I am so glad that I did because I haven't had any problem at all with an oily residue and find that it leaves my skin feeling lovely and clean (and soft!). 

The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is available at drugstores such as Boots (£3.33) and Superdrug (£3.32). I definitely recommend this product and I will definitely be repurchasing another bottle when mine runs out. And on the plus side it's so cheap! 

Have any of you tried this product? Do you like it?
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Love Em x

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