Monday, 10 February 2014

Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails!

Tanya Burr is a person that I have watched on YouTube for quite a few years now and to find out that Tanya would be bringing out her own beauty line simply excited me. 

Tanya Burr herself

Tanya is a YouTube sensation who has gained nearly two million subscribers to her channel. Tanya started off by training as a make up artist and worked alongside some of the biggest names in beauty. Tanya then took to YouTube as well posting videos from beauty, tutorials and tag videos to vlogs and collaborations with other YouTubers. Tanya also runs a very successful blog.

Tanya then worked with eyeCANDY cosmetics company to create her very own line of lip glosses and nail polishes. Along every step of the creating of the products, Tanya was involved, using her own knowledge and taste to create a product range with something for everyone. Tanya also named each and every one of her products herself which I also think is a really nice touch.


From left to right: Afternoon tea, Let's travel the world, Champagne toast, Exotic island, Picnic in the park, Chic, Vampire kiss, Smile dream sparkle, Heart skipped a beat, Just peachy, First date, Aurora.

In the lip gloss range, there are twelve lip glosses ranging from bright to nude and creme to shimmer (there really is something for everyone). The lip glosses also include moisturising ingredients to help hydrate the lips and also claim to have a 'wet look' finish and long lasting shine. 

Creme lip glosses - Afternoon tea, Let's travel the world, Exotic island, Picnic in the park, Chic, Vampire kiss.
Shimmer lip glosses - Champagne toast, Smile dream sparkle, Heart skipped a beat, Just peachy, First date, Aurora. 

As you can see from the colour selection and finish range, there is something that everybody can wear. Priced at £6.99 they are also really affordable. I can't wait to get my hands on Afternoon tea, Picnic in the park and Aurora.


From left to right: Peaches & Cream, Be bright be happy, Little duck, Mini marshmallows, Bright and early, Mischief managed, Riding hood, Midnight sparkles, New York night, Penguin chic. 

The range also includes ten nail polishes. Again, like the lip glosses, there is a colour for everyone ranging from hues to brights. The nail polishes claim to be long lasting, chip resistant and non fade as well so if all this is true then these nail polishes are a bargain at just £5.99 each. The nail polishes also have a shimmer shade thrown in which is Midnight sparkles. I am excited to try out Little duck, Mini marshmallows and Midnight sparkles.

Tanya's lips and nails are available exclusively at In Tanya's latest YouTube video, the announcement was made that Superdrug were taking on her cosmetics and will be stocking them in the near future! There is not a date set yet for when the products hit stores, but its official, it's happening. 

I can't wait to get my hands on some of Tanya's products as I don't yet have any myself, but I am definitely going to grab a few of the lip glosses and nail polishes!

Have you tried any of Tanya's products? What do you think of them?
Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Love Em x

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