Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Little Festive Lush Haul

I am a massive fan of Lush and I have loved every single product which I have tried from there so far, but my favourite time of year to buy from the Lush shop is the festive season. I love the festive smells and looks of the products and I quite simply can't resist going in to buy something on every shopping trip around Christmas time! 

When I was out shopping I took a sneaky trip into Lush and managed to exit with seven items. Only four of them are pictured because I couldn't resist trying a couple of them already! As well as the ones listed below, I purchased Golden Wonder, Cinders (both favourites of mine from last year) and  Bombardino, a new one which I had never tried before. 

Top left: Secret Santa. Top right: Snowman. Bottom left: Gold Fun. Bottom right: Father Christmas.

Golden Wonder £3.50: I have already used my Golden Wonder bath bomb and, just like last year, I absolutely loved it. It is shaped like a giant present covered in gold shimmer with a white bow. The smell is fantastic. It smells just like it does when you walk through the door to Lush. The Golden Wonder contains sweet orange oil, lime oil and cognac oils. Lush describes the smell as 'a light fizzing champagne cocktail'. The Golden Wonder has three miniature little bath bombs inside of it which pop out when the bath bomb has fizzed enough, sending your bath water a multitude of different colours. When eventually finished and you're in the bath, the bath water goes an amazing bluey-green colour, with gold shimmer in the water and dissolving gold stars. 

Cinders £2.45: Cinders is a favourite of mine from last year as well. Cinders is quite a small bath bomb containing almond oil, sweet orange and cinnamon leaf, giving it a real Christmassy smell. Cinders also has popping candy inside of it which crackles inside the water to make it sound like a fire crackle. 

Bombardino £2.50: The Bombardino is possibly the cutest bath bomb that I have ever seen. Look at him, he's adorable. This little guy contains cocoa butter, Sicillian lemon oil and Cardamom oil. Bombardino leaves your skin feeling really soft and smelling delicious. 

Secret Santa £5.75: The Secret Santa is the one I am most excited to try this year. The bath bomb is absolutely massive and you could break it up if you wanted to use it for multiple baths because it seriously is that big. The scent of this one is calming ylang ylang and uplifting lime. This will make your bath water turn a bright orange colour and even has a surprise on the inside (a miniature red Father Christmas bath bomb!). I am so excited to try this one!


Snowman £2.50: The snowman has the same scent as the Lush Butterball, very vanillary. The Snowman is loaded with cocoa butter to ensure that the skin is left soft. The nose of the Snowman is made from 'The Carrot' bubble bar from last Easter too!

Gold Fun £5.00: The Gold Fun is a multifunctional product. With the amazing smell of the ever so famous, Honey, I washed the kids, this bar of golden fun smells and looks amazing. You can use the fun bars for washing your body or your hair, you can crumble it under running water to use in your bath or you could simply just play with it! Gold Fun contains sweet wild orange oil, uplifting bergamont and softening cornflour.

Father Christmas £3.25: Last but not least, Father Christmas. I had Father Christmas last year and he was fab, just didn't quite beat Golden Wonder or Cinders for me. A bath using this bath bomb will literally make your bathroom smell like Christmas. Father Christmas contains mandarin oil and orange flower absolute and will surprisingly turn your bath water a Christmassy deep green!

I hope you enjoyed this post about the Christmassy Lush products. Which is your favourite Lush item at Christmas time?
Em x

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